• More than 60 applications registered
    from 10 countries
  • SmartSea: "The use of apps on smartphones
    and tablets is rocketing".
    Laia Tutzó -COO-
  • Travel C:"We want to become the Google
    of creating online travel".
    Manuel Aragonés -CEO-

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Startup Bit awards 2016

This first edition of 2015 of the Startup Bit Awards has been a great success. The quantity and quality of the applications received has been overwhelming. More than 60 applications from 10 different countries, showcasing innovative business models and highly disruptive products.
We want to thank everyone who, in one way or another, has been involved in this event: entrepreneurs who have taken the time to submit their projects, the members of the jury and all the people in the organization who made possible the Startup Bit Awards.

The winner:

Laia Tutzó Moreno (Barcelona)


Intelligent and mobile technologies within the maritime sector to increase the digital knowledge of the sea through services like SmartSea as digital guides for cruisers.

Laia Tutzó (Barcelona, Spain)
Linkedin profile
More info at: smartsea


Manuel Aragonés Marín (Illes Balears, Spain)


Software intended for all providers of entertainment, travel, services and tourism which enables reservation all tourist services of a multi-destination in a quick way.

Manuel Aragonés(Illes Balears, Spain)
Linkedin profile
More info at: travelcompositor.com


UNQ (3rd finalist)

Mobile cloud-based application that solves the problems of queuing that accumulate in tourist attractions.
Noemi San Emeterio Huang (Norway)

SMARTBEACH (4th finalist)

Smartphone app that brings together comprehensive services from the beaches, such as restaurant reservations, rental equipment, water sports and sun loungers and parasols.
Paz Frau Mendez (Illes Balears, Spain)

CIVITFUN (5th finalist)

It offers leisure activities and plans to tourists through the wireless network of hotels and also with a mobile application for each hotel Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which allows hoteliers to interact with tourists and offer experiences.
Mariano de Oleza de España (Illes Balears, Spain)

JALANGA (6th finalist)

Bot of travel services from budget and dates, providing real-time results without availability problems.
Marco Fornaciari (Italy)


It is based on web and mobile application for full planning travel and all its services, building and connecting the best tools and information available as Google Maps or Wikipedia.
Vanya Pasheva (EE.UU.)


System that produces a profile and user groups from information extracted social networks, select the tourist offers that are most convenient and appropriate, providing a range of products to plan all phases of the trip recommendations.
Massimo De Favero (Illes Balears, Spain)


Online travel platform configured as a marketplace that brings together local tourism service companies from different countries of the world with potential customers and travel agencies.
Jesús Pérez Martín (Illes Balears, Spain)


Portal to book business travel led to independent professionals and business executives.
Rüdiger Gros (Switzerland)


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Jury members:

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